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 [[campgnd2020:​campgear | Camping Gear Offers]] [[campgnd2020:​campgear | Camping Gear Offers]]
-====== Talks/​Presentations ====== 
-This year at campGND we're really excited to be running a series of talks! The more talks the better! If you have some interesting science/​techie/​art/​craft project or thing to talk about, we'd love you to share it with us.  
-If you're an inexperienced speaker or you've never given a talk before, CampGND is a good place to start - we don't bite.  
-Add a talk to the [[campgnd2020:​talks:​submissions | Submissions]] page and we'll schedule it! 
 ====== Amateur Radio ====== ====== Amateur Radio ======
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