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 +│16:​12:​54 ​        ​@hibby | What I'm trying to do is think out a lighting power budget ​                                
 +│16:​16:​29 ​       ormiret | poundland strings are low power (I have enough batteries to run them for a weekend). I     
 +│                        | have "a few" 10W floods that I'm planning to mod to 12V, 1 or 2 50W floods (they'​re ​       
 +│                        | likely to require mains) and "​some"​ 12V or 5V tape. I think I can turn a couple of        
 +│                        | hundred watts into light if that much power is available. ​                               
 +│16:​18:​03 ​        ​@hibby | okay so that sounds like 500W which seems good                                            </​code>​
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