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 Add a talk to the [[campgnd2019:​talks:​submissions | Submissions]] page and we'll schedule it! Add a talk to the [[campgnd2019:​talks:​submissions | Submissions]] page and we'll schedule it!
 +====== Amateur Radio ======
 +We have been issued a special event callsign for campGND, GB1GND. We will have many licensed radio amateurs around that can supervise the station (make sure you are recording in the logbook when you are supervising the station) and **non-licensed campers can play radio too** under the supervision of someone with a full license.
 +If you're bringing radio kit, please add it to the list:
 +[[campgnd2019:​RadioEquipment | Radio Equipment]]
 +During the camp, there will likely also be activity on the standard hacker UHF channel: 433.550MHz.
 +====== Lost and Found ======
 +Nicko - Black/grey raincoat - mountain warehouse brand
 +Jim - camouflaged tarp/poncho
 +Allie - sanity, tiny bottle of sriracha
 +====== Photos ======
 +[[campgnd2019:​Photos | Photos]]
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