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 ====== Consular Badge ====== ====== Consular Badge ======
-An electronic badge for Scottish Consulate ​ members and visitors, featuring a multimeter, Pusheenicorn ​with Neopixel ​mane/tail and 2.4 GHz wireless.+An electronic badge for Scottish Consulate ​ members and visitors. Uses an Arm Cortex M4 STM32F303K8 and Nokia LCD. The integrated ​multimeter ​measures 0-30 Volts and 0-1 Amps DCresistance to 10 MegOhms and provides audible continuity measurement. The Pusheenicorn ​has 6 neopixel multicolour LEDs on her mane and tailShitty Addon V1.69bis connector and NRF24L01 ​wireless ​connectors are also provided
-Consular Badge Prototype+Front
 {{:​wiki:​badge_under_test_scaled_img_20190615_143015.jpg?​400|}} {{:​wiki:​badge_under_test_scaled_img_20190615_143015.jpg?​400|}}
-Breadboard ​Prototype Under Test+Badge Prototype Under Development
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